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I Love Jerry and The Grateful Dead.

I first heard the Greatful Dead in high school.
I was a banjo player back then, and was very interested in Bluegrass music.

But in college after hearing such songs as "Mama Tried" and "Help on The Way," I had wonderful feelings of enjoyment and inspiration. It is from this time that I started to love the Dead.

When I was 28, I was in Nepal, when a deadhead told me, "New Year's just isn't New Yeare's without the Dead's New Year's Eve Concert". That year (1984), in December, I decided to go to my first Grateful Dead concert.

In these last 10 years, I have been able to go to one concert a year.
In 1993, I followed some of the Summer Tour. 5 shows in Eugene and Shoreline.
This was the last time I saw Jerry.

Jerry died last year on August 9th. It was an incredible shock when I heard this. I felt a vast emptiness that lasted for several days.

But now, I feel that . . . . . Jerry's gone, but he still moves us to dance....

Thank You, Jerry !

                                        June 6th '96



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